Best Thrown Exhibit (London Potters, 2013)
Best Technical Accomplishment (London Potters, 2012)

Education History

Ceramic Technology Level 2 and Wheel Thrown Ceramics Level 3 (London Open College Network, 2003)
Teacher Training College - Art (Eger, Hungary, 1997-2001)
I studied art at home in Hungary, Eger where I spent my college years. Eger is a historic baroque town. The rich architecture and decoration had a big influence on me and probably on the way I decorate my work.

After university I moved to the UK and, having joined an evening class, it was then that I started making thrown pots.

The majority of my work is large functional and/or decorative stoneware vessels. Most of these are thrown on a wheel but I experiment with other techniques and materials too.
Shape is very important but also I put a lot of emphasis on decoration. On the slip decorated pieces I use slip-resist and sgraffito techniques and underglaze brush lines. On some of my other vessels  the unglazed slip surface stands in strong contrast with the glazed surface.